10 People Who Are Nothing Like The Film Characters They Inspired


“Based on a true story” doesn’t always mean you’re about to hear the truth. Filmmakers are producing entertainment; they have to change a few things to make it work. It’s only natural that a movie is going to leave a few things out.

But it can be more than just a few things. Sometimes, the people who inspired our favorite movie heroes are completely different from what we see on the screen. Occasionally, they’re the exact opposite.

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Was The Amazon Rainforest Once Home To A Massive Lost Civilization


There is a hill in the Amazon rainforest that stretches out over two acres of land. It is called Montegrande and, to look at it, it seems like nothing more than another hill. A particularly steep one perhaps, but nothing more than an overgrown mound of earth. For centuries, it was ignored, and, in time, as Peru’s cities and towns stretched further out in the Amazon, farmers even set up their homes on top of it.

Then they started to dig. As the farmers worked the land, they started to uncover sherds of old pots. These, they soon learned, were more than old utensils. These were relics of the past, and they were more than 1,000 years old.

Their homes became an archaeological site. In 2010, archaeologist Quirino Olivera and his team started digging into the Montegrande hill, and soon discovered what they were excavating wasn’t a hill at all. It was a massive pyramid, built by a forgotten civilization in the Amazon rainforest – and it was over 3,000 years old.

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10 Lessons For Modern Society From The Fall Of Ancient Rome


Every empire falls. There’s no way to stop it. The only we thing can control is how it happens—whether it’ll be a quiet, dignified passing of a torch or the flaming destruction of a nation torn down by barbarians.

That’s more or less what happened to Rome, and the aftermath was pure chaos. The fall of their empire sent the European world spiraling into a dark age that took centuries to escape.

If we take them time to learn from their history, we’ll see some eerie parallels with our own. And if history really does repeat itself, we’ll get a pretty good idea of what’s to come next.

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Rare Photos of the World’s Most Iconic Landmarks Before They Were Completed



There are some landmarks that it’s hard to imagine the world without. These are buildings and monuments so iconic that, today, it’s easier to think of them as an eternal part of our world rather than anything that was made by mere human beings.

There was a time, though, when these famous landmarks were nothing more than an idea in their creators’ minds, nothing more than plans and scaffolds created by people who had no way of knowing whether their work would last forever or whether it would be forgotten tomorrow.

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10 Legendary Lost Cities That Have Actually Been Found


We may never find the underwater grave of Atlantis, the golden streets of El Dorado, or the peaceful mountains of Shangri-La. By all rights, these places probably never really existed. They were just flights of our imaginations, thoughts of what wonders the world could hold.

But there are real places that are every bit as incredible as our fantasies. There are cities that, like Atlantis, were wiped clean off the face of the Earth. For hundreds of years, they lived on as nothing but stories, often ones that were so incredible that people doubted they ever really existed.

But these lost cities have been found. They weren’t just myths—they were actually out there, just waiting for us to uncover them. And if they’re real, it might just mean that there are no legends too spectacular to be true.

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10 Glimpses Into Life In Man’s First Civilization


Sumeria was one of the earliest civilizations on Earth. More than 7,000 years ago, they built the roads and walls of their first city. For possibly the first time in human history, families left their farms and their tribal homes and moved into urban life.

This was also the first time that anyone in Mesopotamia had lived in a tight-knit, walled town. They were making their lives as administrators and scholars instead of growing food for themselves. Life here was something completely new—not just for the people who lived there but for all of humanity.

Little of life in 5000 BC remains today. All we have to work from is a few old tablets and the ruins of ancient towns. But it’s enough for a small glimpse into life in history’s first civilization.

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The Zoot Suit Riots: When Fashion and Racism Erupted Into Violence

13322060_603926146456070_99934832257910195_nSometimes, fashion is something you have to fight for.

In the summer of 1943, Los Angeles erupted in a series of brawls and beatings known today as the Zoot Suit Riots. The fighting broke out between two different sides of America. On one end were white American servicemen and on the other were Mexican-, African-, and Filipino-American youths who were given to wearing the oversized zoot suits that were so fashionable at the time.

These zoot suits were long, baggy, and took an awful lot of fabric to make. Those who wore them saw this as hip and fashionable, but some servicemen only saw a waste of fabric during wartime, when rationing was more important than ever. To them, these zoot suits were practically treason.

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