10 Shocking Events From The Missouri Mormon War


A message to Mormon readers:

I’ve received a lot of e-mails about this article, and I’m sorry to learn that it has offended some people. The intention of this article is not to shame or criticize the Mormon faith in any way. I think it is clear that there were many atrocities committed against Mormons in this war.

In researching this article, I read a number of conflicting accounts from different sources and did my best to present the most probable and balanced version of the story I could — albeit in an admittedly bombastic and sensationalized style. You can see these sources by clicking the links in the article.

In some places, this led me to contradict the official LDS account of the history, but no offense is meant in these contradictions. I encourage everyone interested in a balanced view of this incident to read the Church of Latter Day Saints’ version of the story as well.

Today, Mormonism is one of the most widely accepted religions in the US. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints live freely and happily among their neighbors, sharing smiles and goodwill with everyone they see.

In 1838, however, the state of Missouri entered into a full-scale war against the Mormons. People were slaughtered. Whole villages were razed. It’s the last thing you’d ever imagine to be part of the history of those nice men who go door-to-door in white shirts.

[Read the full article at Listverse.com]


5 thoughts on “10 Shocking Events From The Missouri Mormon War”

  1. Your right, you wrote nothing more than a edge piece depending upon the shock factor to promote one view of the events. If you truely were independant, you would share both sides of the events and let the reader decide for themselves. Instead you help promote a anti-mormon bias! Shame on you…

  2. Where did you get your sources? Why didn’t you reference them, or provide citations? Someone with your background obviously knows better. I detect a hint of anti-mormon bias, but history is not subjective but objective because it happened and we cannot change it. Good job your headline too.

  3. During my lifetime I’ve witnessed anti-Jewish and anti-Catholic vitriol. Now I guess it’s the Mormons turn to be spit on. No surprise with the Kalergi Plan of anti-religion and Marxism being promoted in the western nations.

  4. Your an idiot that learned nothing more about the history of these events than what you wanted to hear and post that was anti Mormonism. You need to read the actual history of both sides and try again.

  5. This article is riddled with innacurate information. Listverse should really reconsider its freelance staff, since they have obviously chosen to use fiction writers who cannot competently write historically accurate pieces of journalism. I am forwarding this article to the Mormon media department. They work tirelessly to keep biased, axe grinding, click bait rags of misleading material like this from spreading insidiously through the world. It is too bad you chose to write your “list” this way. The truth is always better. Hopefully the complete lack of any citations for your woefully false revelations will tip most people off that your article is nothing but a malicious misrepresentation of the real history of the persecution that was inflicted upon the early LDS church.

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