10 Reasons the Philippines Has the Craziest President on Earth


Rodrigo Duterte is full of quotable lines that delight the pages of newspapers around the world. But Duterte is more than a few quips—he’s a historical atrocity in the making. Behind every joke that makes a headline, there’s a dark reality in the Philippines, and it’s much more terrifying than you might imagine.

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19 thoughts on “10 Reasons the Philippines Has the Craziest President on Earth”

  1. you are an idiot! you just rewrote what you read! do you have personal knowledge on what you rewrote? fuckin idiot!

  2. Dude, get your facts straight and know the whole story of each that you’ve mentioned. You just get information from what our local media is reporting about our President, little than you know that local media here are trying their best to bring down the President. I could suggest though that you could ask some Filipino people regarding our president rather than copy/paste articles from our biased media. Majority of the people here really likes him, and as for me, I personally did not vote for him and his methods are quite unorthodox but I can honestly say it works. If you really want to be a good and reliable reporter, please get your facts straight and please stop feeding people with wrong information.

  3. The author- Mark Oliver- whoever you are, is obviously ignorant! Have you ever been to the Philippines? Why write such nonsense article? better check your facts before writing next time, dude. Seems that you don’t understand a thing in the article you just wrote!

  4. putang ina mo! u fucking bastard just want to get famous, using Philippine president in your fucking blog! faggot!

  5. Mark, I pity you because you have not done enough research on the topics yet you concluded that the President of the Philippines is the craziest president on earth, how irresponsible on your part! Before you even drafted your article, you should have interviewed credible sources and not just based your report on the local media. Be a responsible journalist.

  6. You published a list that’s a complete trash! Please be considerate of the articles you are posting. The list about the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is very biased and was clearly made by someone who is against him and wants to destroy him just reading the The title says it all. please check the real facts from real Filipino people. Listen to your readers and check the comments on that article. Filipinos love Duterte. He will not get 90%+ satisfaction rating if we don’t! Stop demoralizing him.

  7. mark oliver, who are you?
    you should discuss why filipinos voted for duterte, not just all talk nonsense telling the whole world that he’s crazy

  8. mark oliver,
    I FEEL SORRY FOR SOME VICTIMS THAT YOU ARE TELLING THE WORLD About their life story, but because your informations are True, but BECAUSER the informations you are feeding outside of our country are only copies originating from our ouwn biased newspaper companies, who are controlled by the greedy businessmen millionaires or the so called oligarchs. I feel sorry for your victims readers, because you are telling the them of ALL lies. How would you FEEL if I’ll write and publish in social medias that to you are nothing but SPREAD accusation of LIES?.

    I am a Filipino, living abroad. I’m living my culture, my heritage and our traditions everyday; so I know first hand about US being so called friendly, religious, timid at times, proud people but humbled.

    To know you and your country I would have to invest time in order to fully know you and all about YOU before I can judge for myself – IF YOU ARE CREDIBLE PERSON OR NOT(?)

  9. You “DUMB-ASS Mark Oliver” stop taunting our President, he is no like you a MORON. You are a type of volture journalist hired by a corrupt, evil politician, no other desire is to destroy the image and credibility of our President. Since, you cannot make a good story to make you as a famous writer it is because you are an obsolete writer, so here are you now doing a rotten story just to make you recognize. Good, you are a rude, uncivil type of person. Why, you have no money now you cannot make good stories to sell it? How poor are you. How much did they pay to you by these Yellow Oligarch, Trillanes and Corrupt Delima just to ruin the image of our President and my Country. Now, are you happy because your stories are published on the website and millions of viewers can read your nonsense articles, but only hurting the majority Filipino people who voted President Duterte? And I am sure you are happy because of the big money from drug money that it paid to you by this corrupt immoral Delima. How long you have been using Flakka Drugs for you have become an abnormal person? You’re obsessed to make a crazy story because you can not see Filipinos possessed like demon affected by Flakka Drugs and it happens only in your country. We will reverse the situation, how about if I will also call your president as a Fucking Retarded Idiot? How would you feel?.. Before you meddle with others, look at yourself in the mirror. Look at your own city? Several years from now and all of you will be worshiping the image of Satan. You are meddling the other countries problem but your own problem in your own city you have no voice of insulting the religious sector of your country by erecting this Monument of Satan. Or maybe you are part of the satanism cult. Look at your own Police?.. How really brutal they are using excessive force to their own citizen. But your government is keeping silence with that. Even the Commission on Human Rights and the UN they keep in silence and become a useless agency on the ongoing slaughtering the people in Syria. Look at Libya now? When your government ousted President Gaddafi by using military force this country becomes lawless and it’s getting worse the problem that happenings in this country. My advice to you is fuck your own country you have a more serious problem rather than criticize other domestic affair because you are not perfect. You are not living in my country, you do not know the everyday happening in my City. You do not know the whole truth about the Narco-Politics of the Corrupt Officials in our Government that involve in the drug trade activity. BETTER KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT UP!

  10. Man.. if you want to know the true pulse of Filipino people, you have to visit the PI first before writing a ‘piece of shit’ about the president. You’d written a piece o’shit based from biased Philippine mainstream media, then you’re an stupid moron…

  11. like to read listverse a lot,but as soon as i read this,i just realize not all of their authors have credibilities and talent of a good and outstanding blogger/author..just because you want to make your write up interesting doesn’t mean you have to make lies or make a person look bad..and the worst is his not just a n ordinary person,he is a president!make your own research dude!!!or believe me,more hate comments are coming your way..

  12. 17 comments by 17 angry Filipinos. I guess the article was too much for them to bear. Sorry Filipinos but Listverse or Mark Oliver would not bring down the article or change its title anytime soon.

  13. Mark oliver your an idiot!!! Your writing an LIAR article and spread your wrong doing things to the world?! I feel sorry to you and your family of being how ignorant you came from ashole!! People (who read this) Don’t believe these kind of an idiot blogger!!! I’m a pilipino and we love our president duterte, god almighty send him to earth to save our country from corruption, drugs and criminality! So please stop spreading NEGATIVITY doings about our beloved President RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE. Thanks you and god bless you MORON!!! Go to hell!

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