The Most Important Thing Children Need Is Just Love


“He needs to toughen up.”

It’s a line we’ve all heard more than once – sometimes from grandparents, from friends, or even from ourselves. We watch our children grow and we worry. We imagine them alone at school or moving out on their own and wonder how they’ll hold up when we’re not there to protect them.

We want our kids to be wildly successful adults, and so we spend our time worrying about the right way to discipline them, the right way to encourage them – the right way to manage every minute of our lives around them.

In the end, though, the thing that matters the most is love.

Whether you use the newest parenting techniques or trust the old wisdom, your children will grow up well so long as you love them. Parents who touch, talk and play with their kids, who are patient with them, and reassure them when they’re worried make great kids every time.

That’s not just sentiment – it’s fact. Parenting research has proven time and time again loving your children is the one thing that makes all the difference – in so many important ways.

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