10 Historical Records That Tell Another Side Of Bible Stories


The Bible isn’t just a religious book. The characters in the Bible lived through a real history that was shared with other nations, but we usually hear only Israel’s side of the story.

The other nations of Biblical times were also keeping histories — and they tell very different versions of the stories we’ve heard so many times.

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3 thoughts on “10 Historical Records That Tell Another Side Of Bible Stories”

  1. what is your real purpose in writing this ? are you antichrist or against all Christian doctrine ? are you a satanist or are you demonic possessed ?don’t you have any worthwhile thing to write or you write anything and invent stories just to earn doe ? i wish you stop writing if you will not be a good influence to your readers. are you not afraid to be punish by GOD after you die for writing BLASPHEMY ? i can see you have the nerves and quite brazen face to be able to write this article.

    1. Hello, Zeta!

      This article is NOT a criticism of Christianity or Judaism in any way.

      These records all can (and often are) be used as proof that the Bible is historically accurate. They give indisputable evidence that the book of Judges is an accurate historical record and that Jesus existed, and strong support for the historicity of Moses’s exodus.

      A lot of people have written about that — but I’ve never seen anybody talk about what they actually say. These are records written by enemies of Israel, and so of course they have their own take on the stories in the Bible.

      This doesn’t mean that these records are more accurate than the Bible. Instead, my interest was in how they demonstrate the subjective nature of history in general. The four versions of the story of Moses, for example, show how wildly a nation can change their history of an event.

      I deliberately didn’t state any opinion or make any argument in this article. I wanted to present the records and let people form their own opinions.

  2. Good list.
    I am Oxford trained within this field. I am glad to see thought provoking writing. The theological perspective of the reader is not relevant, these sources are correct.
    Consider the Babylonian Talmud description of Yeshua’s trial and execution. He was arrested for blasphemy (preaching false doctrine) and sorcery (performing miracles). Two supporting witnesses could not be found, in accordance with Jewish law. He was executed and his body hanged on a tree.

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