How I Use TV To Motivate My Kid – But Not in the Way You Think


Teaching a child something new is a delight. Seeing your kid master a new skill and watching them take pride in what they can do is one of the best experience a parent can have.

Until it’s not. It’s an amazing feeling when your child reads their first word, but you start pushing them to keep learning and put their nose to the grindstone, it turns into a fight. Kids love learning, but they hate it when their parents make them focus and try to make it part of their routine.

For our son, it’s piano. He started lessons with a love for the instrument, but as reading music and playing with 2 hands got harder, lessons became battles. Most ended with him slamming his face into the piano, unwilling to go on.

At first, we only saw 2 choices. We could take the loving parent method and let him move freely on to his next interest, or we could be Tiger Moms and yell at him until he did it. Parents, we believed, had to choose between hard work and happiness. Children couldn’t have both.

There is a better method, though, that I learned when I started listening to something that has more parenting experience than I’ll ever have: television.

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