Ai Pioppi Is A Hand-Built, Human-Powered Amusement Park In Italy


Hidden on the side of a forest road 45 km north of Venice, there is a cheap hand-painted sign that reads: “Osteria Ai Pioppi.” It points to a “ristorante” though, from the road, the old metal gate and thick lines of trees look more like a park than any place where people would pay for a meal.

That first impression would be correct. While there are lines of picnic tables and placards with prices for cafeteria-style food, nobody is there for the pasta puttanesca. Visitors come for what sits behind the tables: a rusted-steel amusement park featuring roller coasters, tilt-a-whirls, luges and other rides the restaurateur welded together in his spare time.

[Read the full article at Fatherly.]

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