How To Repair A Major Relationship Rift From A Public Relations Pro


Maybe you’ve been spending too much time at work. Maybe you just forgot to tend to your partner’s needs. Or maybe you just forgot to delete your browser history. No matter what brought on the argument with your partner, you’re here now. It happens. According to 1 study, two-thirds of all relationships go downhill after the first baby is born. And blaming things on the baby — not a good look for you.

Everyone needs a bit of help in these situations. Ronn Torossian is the President and CEO of 5WPR, and an expert at public relations crisis management. He was there when Puff Daddy wanted to be called P. Diddy. When Pitbull was in the doghouse. When the state of Israel — well, that’s always a tough one. Torossian is pretty much a professional apologizer, but he’s also a spin-master who gets big names get out of hot water. Here’s his crash-course in fiascos to help you keep your marriage from turning into a tabloid story.

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