The Science Behind Kids’ Obsessions With Trains


It’s something that happens to pretty much every penis-having kid on earth, usually when they’re about 3 years old. No, not the act of Stretch Armstrong-ing their penis and laughing maniacally (although that will happen). Rather, they’ll wake up one morning and decide that trains are, officially, the coolest thing in the world. For the next year, they will decree, every shirt must have a train on it, every tool must become a track, and the name of Thomas the Tank Engine must be spoken with the reverence due to a god. They will be loco for locomotives.

And if it isn’t trains, their obsession will revolve around cars, trucks, or anything with a big engine and wheels, really. It almost seems like boys are somehow biologically drawn toward fast things with wheels. And, well, it’s because they are. Your child’s love of choo-choos serves an important purpose — a major enough one that, if your kid’s not already obsessed with trains, you just might want to get a steam engine in their hands.

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