5 Ways To Deal With The Stress Of Trying To Conceive


Can’t score on an open net (sexual metaphorically speaking)? It doesn’t make you a bad hockey player (still metaphorically speaking). Getting literal for a minute, one in 10 couples have trouble conceiving kids, but knowing the stats doesn’t make it any easier. Trying something over and over again, no matter how fun the activity, can make anyone frustrated — especially when it’s with your partner. Do you give up? Do you keep going? Or do you pass to your wingman to score? (Actually, don’t do that — it would result in a bench-clearing brawl.)

When couples have conception issues it’s easy for you and your partner to become weary, irritated and ultra-sensitive. But sticking together as a team is imperative. After all, you don’t want to turn into one of those couples become bitter from the stress and resentment. Brandi Tarver, a Gottman Certified Therapist has helped families who want more family deal with the stress of trying to conceive. Here’s how she say you can stay focused on that tiny goal.

[Read the full article at Fatherly.com]

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