How Playing Into Your Child’s Imagination Can Get Them To Do Anything You Want


For many parents, nothing is harder than playing make-believe. For whatever reason, there’s something incredibly taxing about sitting down at a miniature pink plastic table and pretending to serve tea to a teddy bear.

We have a tendency to resist our kids’ imaginations. When our kids insist that there are monsters lurking in the shadows of their bedrooms, we roll our eyes and tell them that monsters don’t really exist. Our instinct is to pull them out of their fantasies and into the real world.

We treat imagination like it’s the enemy; like it’s something that keeps our kids from listening to us and doing what we tell them to do. Sure, we know that creativity’s great and all – but sometimes, we just need to get things done.

Resisting a kid’s imagination, though, might be a bigger mistake than we realize. When you tap into a child’s fantasies, it can be an incredible tool. Yes, feeding into a child’s imagination fosters creativity – but it does more than that. You can use your children’s imagination to get them to do almost anything you want.

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