10 Classified Documents That Reveal That The CIA Is Up To Some Pretty Lame Stuff


Over the past few months, we’ve gotten more access to the inner workings of the CIA than we’ve had in a long time. Thirteen million declassified documents were put online in a searchable database, while WikiLeaks has been exposing one of the biggest caches of confidential documents in history.

More than a few of these files expose dark and unethical conspiracies. But hidden among them are a few mundane files that usually get overlooked. In them, a different side of the CIA comes out. Not everything the CIA does, it turns out, is part of some ingenious evil plan. In fact, a lot of it is downright ridiculous.

As it turns out, the people behind this dark, shadowy organization are just people—and they’re every bit as stupid, geeky, and vain as the rest of us.

[Read the full article at Listverse.com]

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