Drug Company That Blocked Legal Weed Is Now Selling Synthetic Marijuana


A few months ago, the people of Arizona voted to keep marijuana illegal. It was a close vote – a mere 51% of the people voted against legalization. And, with so many states opening their doors to legal weed, a lot of people were surprised that Arizona didn’t follow suit.

There’s a reason, though. The biggest reason marijuana legalization wasn’t approved, according to experts, was a “lengthy, well-planned campaign to educate voter about the range of consequences” of legalizing marijuana, led by the Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy.

That’s not just a group of concerned citizens – it’s a lobby group, bankrolled by a drug company called Insys Therapeutics. And now that they’ve stopped pot from getting legalized, they’re planning on filling the void by selling synthetic marijuana.

[Read the full article at Buzzworthy.com]

One thought on “Drug Company That Blocked Legal Weed Is Now Selling Synthetic Marijuana”

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