The Little-Known Story Of The Nazis Who Defended China From The Japanese


In one little-known moment in history, the Nazis were the heroes.

Before World War II broke out, the Nazi Party placed businessmen, diplomats, and military commanders in China. Nazi officers trained and equipped the Chinese military; invited Chinese citizens to travel to Berlin to join the German Army, and set up Hitler Youth camps around the country.

Things changed in 1937. That year, Japanese forces invaded China, storming through Shanghai and on to Nanking. They left in their path a trail of horrors, human experiments, and massacres, many of which were just as terrible as the worst moments of the Holocaust.

German commanders back home soon instructed their men in China to vacate out of respect for Germany’s new alliance with Japan, but some of the Nazis refused to leave their adopted Chinese countrymen behind. They stayed with them, waving Nazi flags and badges as symbols of protection, and risked their lives to save hundreds of thousands of others.

[Read the full article at All That Is Interesting.]

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