Archaeologists Found a Medieval Body With a Tumor That Was Growing Teeth


Digging up a graveyard in Lisbon, Portugal, archaeologists found the remains of a woman who had died sometime between the 15th and 18th century. They can’t be sure what killed her, but it may have been the thing that was growing inside of her womb. Because this woman had an ovarian tumor – and it had grown teeth .

Five teeth had sprouted out inside of her pelvis by the time she died. These teeth were hard, jagged bones that had pushed their way through the growth inside of her body. Their tips were split and frayed like an old, rusted knife. She had likely felt it inside of her – but it’s unlikely anyone had seen it. It was her secret, buried inside of her; even she had no idea what was growing in her body.

[Read the full article at Ancient Origins.]

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