10 Stories Of Animals That Fought Back Against Poachers


In the last 10 years, elephants killed 800 people in the state of Assam, India, alone. Assam is an extreme case, but it’s not the only place where animals are starting to fight back. Over the last few decades, attacks by elephants have been on a steady rise.

According to expert Gay Bradshaw, the animals have just reached a breaking point. They’ve suffered through decades of poaching, culling, and habitat loss, and many have had to watch while their families and babies are killed and severed.

Bradshaw believes that this is a sort of animal revolt—a time when the animals of the wild are turning against their abusers by becoming more aggressive than ever before.

The result has been some absolutely chilling stories of animal attacks. Be warned—these aren’t for the faint of heart.

[Read the full article at Listverse.]

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