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10 Scientific Explanations For Everything From Demons To Ghosts


Ghosts aren’t real, right?

That’s what most of us believe—that we live in a rational world, not one where specters of demons and the dead haunt the living. But if ghosts aren’t real, why are so many people so sure they’ve seen them?

It turns out that the answer has a lot to do with the human mind. There’s a scientific explanation for almost every weird thing anyone’s ever seen. But when it comes to the paranormal, scientific explanations are sometimes more mind-blowing than the myths.

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10 Western Guilty Pleasures Of Osama Bin Laden


When you go around calling the United States the “Great Satan” and trying to destroy it in a holy jihad, you’re setting yourself up to some pretty high standards. There’s a whole persona involved in being an evil, psychotic terrorist, and you really have to keep up those appearances.

Osama bin Laden did his best to seem like a devout, fundamentalist Muslim whose only vice was killing thousands of innocent people, but behind closed doors, he wasn’t as above Western culture as he liked to pretend. When the Navy SEALS broke into his compound and took him out, they got the chance to look at what was on his computer. And as it turns out, the stuff bin Laden spent his last few years watching on his laptop wasn’t exactly sharia.

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10 Times Scientists Got Animals High To See What Would Happen


Every science experiment is valuable. Every time a scientist gets the chance to test an idea in a controlled setting, we learn something more about the world.

Sure, it might be hard to see the value of getting animals high and watching what happens, but these experiments have taught us some deeply valuable things. Thanks to science, we finally know the answers to the questions that have plagued mankind for years.

Like, how much cocaine does it take to get a rat into bebop jazz?

And how drunk do fruit flies have to be to experiment with gay sex?

Science has the answers.

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10 Creepy Ways Companies Collect Data For Targeted Ads


At this very moment, everything you are doing is being recorded. You are being watched by computer programs and cameras that are monitoring you everywhere you go, in ways the wildest conspiracy theorists wouldn’t have believed ten years ago.

It’s worse than you think. You’re probably already aware that everything you do online is tracked, recorded, and sold to make better-targeted ads, but it goes way further than that. Companies in the business of selling your secrets are doing things that go way beyond 1984. You’re being monitored in ways Orwell never even imagined.

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The Misunderstood Japanese Geisha: The Artists The West Mistook For Prostitutes


“Fiction has served to propagate the notion … that [geisha] spend the night with their customers,” former geisha Iwasaki Mineko once complained. “Once an idea like this is planted in the general culture it takes on a life of its own.”

Despite how most people now see the term, geisha doesn’t mean “prostitute,” it means “artist.” When the first modern geisha appeared in the large cities of Japan in the 17th century, they didn’t sell their bodies for sex. They were entertainers — and they were men.

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10 Weird Things Nintendo Sold Before They Made Video Games


Nintendo didn’t always make video games. The company was formed in 1889, and before Mario, they tried to sell pretty well everything you can imagine. We’re talking goods and services that no sane man would ever link to video gaming.

It would be impossible to list everything Nintendo has tried to sell because they’ve tried pretty near everything. There are some highlights, though, that tell the story of a company desperately trying to find its niche—and you’d be surprised at just how much of it involves brothels, the yakuza, and light pornography.

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10 Major Historical Figures And Their Failed Attempts At Writing


Everybody thinks they have a great novel in them. Most never get around to writing it, but some chance the rejection and put their thoughts on paper, mostly without commercial success.

We tend to think of these people as destined to toil in lonely isolation, forever unknown. However, before they made their marks on history, some of the biggest names imaginable sat down and tried to churn out a great work of literature—usually with disastrous results.

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