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Kindergarten Is Going To Completely Change Your Child – And That’s Okay


Kindergarten changes everything.

For five years, we’ve raised our child on our own. We taught him to walk and talk. We taught him about the world around him and how to tell right from wrong. We taught him everything he knows – and now everything is going to change.

Kindergarten, for many parents, is the first time you really hand your child off to someone else. Now, for eight hours a day, he will be surrounded by other teachers, other ideas, and other peers – influences that aren’t his parents.

It’s a terrifying thing to let go of that absolute control you have over your child. Suddenly, your child stops being the product of your parenting alone. From now on, their futures and their identities hinge on the public school system, on the teacher they get stuck with, and on the classmates who befriend them.

From here on out, kids’ friends are a bigger part of their life than ever. They’re going to change who your child is. They spend the better part of the day with your child, and they might even end up having more influence on who your child becomes than you do.

That’s a scary thought. It’s hard to let go and trust the world with your child but every parent has to do it. It helps to know that more good will come from this than you think.

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The Future of Science Needs Our Daughter’s Perspectives


When she was in high school, my mother-in-law took an aptitude test. She had an exceptional mind for engineering, the test said, scoring in the 99th percentile for math and science. As a woman who excelled in science, her guidance counselor told her, she would make a perfect librarian.

It’s a moment that changed her life. When the door to a career in science was closed on her face and she was told to pursue a woman’s job instead, she listened. She never became an engineer, but every time she tinkered with a broken household appliance, she would wonder what might have been.

Today, women have a lot more opportunities than our parents’ generation did, but that doesn’t mean their prospects are completely equal. Even with laws that promise equal careers, women have to struggle against the weight of history.

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6 Ways To Foster Creativity Right From Birth


When we see creative people, we usually think they’re just lucky. When someone can put a new spin on things or create something wonderful, we figure it’s something they were just born with – but that’s not totally true.

Creativity is a skill. It’s one that can be learned and it’s something that’s worth learning. The world our children are growing into isn’t going to have as much demand for manual labor as the one we know. They’re growing into a world where creativity is king.

You can’t start too soon. Kids start developing their personalities as soon as they are conceived, so developing creativity isn’t something you have to put off until they’re older. It’s something to foster as soon as your child is born.

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How To Raise A Good Person – Instead Of One Who Is Just Afraid Of Being Bad


We discipline our kids for a reason: we want them to be good.

When a parent yells at their children or sends them to their room, it’s not because they want their kids to suffer. We’re not just hate-filled gargoyles who want to stamp out fun wherever we find it. We’re trying to help our kids understand that their behavior affects other people. We want to make them better people.

But there’s a difference between raising a child who is afraid of getting in trouble and a child who understands the difference between right and wrong. When our kids grow up, we won’t be around every minute of their lives. If we want them to make good decisions when we’re not around, they have to be motivated by more than just fear of getting in trouble.

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5 Little-Known Ways To Up Your Kid’s Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence is the buzziest parenting term for a reason: When you teach your kids to care about how other people feel, you teach them to become actual, decent humans. And if parents don’t nurture empathy, kids won’t develop the part of the brain that makes them care about others. While there are several go-to tactics for upping emotional IQ, here are a few lesser-known methods to help out.


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The Troubling Way Our Brains Are Wired For Prejudice


It’s hard to imagine where some of these people come from. When you see graffiti on a wall calling to “Make America White Again” or an Alt-Right assembly throw up the Nazi salute, it’s hard to wrap your mind around how someone could become that filled with hate.

What happened? How is it possible that people who started off life as nothing more than children grow into hate-filled, prejudiced human beings?

We like to say that nobody is born racist, but it’s not entirely true. The dark reality is that the seed that grows into racism exists in everyone. Human beings are born predisposed to prejudice. Even if we don’t let that seed grow into hatred, many of us still feel a sense of “otherness” about other races. Whether we want it to or not, it affects the way we interact.

It’s just how our brains are wired. We instinctively sort people into groups, and that sparks a natural psychological process that, if left unchecked, can push us into racism and fear.

And it starts nearly as soon as we are born.

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How To Avoid Getting Screwed When Dealing With A Contractor


Sometimes, picking the right contractor feels like more work than just fixing it yourself. It’s a nerve-racking experience. You have to trust another person with your home, and – unlike you – they’re not going to be living there when the work’s done. Picking the wrong person can mean delays, ballooning costs, shoddy work, or worse.

If there’s one person who knows how to get good work at a fair rate, it’s Scott McGillivray. The host of HGTV’s “Income Property”, Scott’s seen his fair share of contractors and is an expert in 2 things: home repairs and how to spend your money wisely. Here are his tips for making sure you’re paying the right price for the right work.

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