10 Horrifying Ways The Nations Of The UN Let The Rwandan Genocide Happen


Over the course of 100 days in 1994, Hutu extremists brutally massacred 800,000 Tutsi Rwandans. It was one of the worst genocides in human history, and while it happened, UN Peacekeepers impotently watched it happen, under direct orders not to interfere.

The whole world watched as we failed to stop a genocide—but that was only the tip of the iceberg. The dark, hidden secret of the Rwandan genocide, though, is that the nations of the UN did not just fail to take action. By selling weapons, and deliberately blocking international assistance, nations around the world helped Hutu extremists commit genocide.

Some did it for money, and some did it for politics—but they did it. People around the world actively helped make sure a genocide happened.

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Drug Company That Blocked Legal Weed Is Now Selling Synthetic Marijuana


A few months ago, the people of Arizona voted to keep marijuana illegal. It was a close vote – a mere 51% of the people voted against legalization. And, with so many states opening their doors to legal weed, a lot of people were surprised that Arizona didn’t follow suit.

There’s a reason, though. The biggest reason marijuana legalization wasn’t approved, according to experts, was a “lengthy, well-planned campaign to educate voter about the range of consequences” of legalizing marijuana, led by the Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy.

That’s not just a group of concerned citizens – it’s a lobby group, bankrolled by a drug company called Insys Therapeutics. And now that they’ve stopped pot from getting legalized, they’re planning on filling the void by selling synthetic marijuana.

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Children and Segregation: 38 Photos of Little Minds and Big Hatred


Some of the most dangerous battles of the civil rights movement weren’t fought by adults. They were instead fought by African-American children who walked into the first integrated schools in their communities.

They had to walk, sometimes alone, past mobs of people screaming in their faces. Then they had to spend hours sitting next to white students, many of whom had spent the morning listening to their parents teach them to hate.

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The Incredible Stories of the First Animals in Space, in 40 Photos


Before Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space in 1961, there were the animals. The first astronauts to break through Earth’s atmosphere had no understanding of what they were doing. They were dogs and monkeys, strapped into rockets and blasted out of the world they knew – often, never to return.

Animals were part of the space race from the very start. Since 1947, when the United States put fruit flies into a Nazi V-2 Rocket and fired them 100km into the air, animals helped in getting humankind into space. They unwittingly risked things that no human would then dare and made the dream of human space travel a reality.

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10 Weird Love Letters From Some Of History’s Most Famous People


There’s a difference between the person we show to the world and the person we show to the people who love us. There’s a whole other side of a person that comes out in love letters. In letters to those who care for us, the real self comes through because we know we’re writing words that will only be seen by the one person who truly understands us.

Unless, of course, you’re famous. Because if you get famous and die, you can pretty much count on some hack writer somewhere gathering up every private word you’ve ever written and getting everyone in the world to make fun of you by publishing them in a book.

Or, sometimes, in a top 10 list.

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6 Ways To Foster Creativity Right From Birth


When we see creative people, we usually think they’re just lucky. When someone can put a new spin on things or create something wonderful, we figure it’s something they were just born with – but that’s not totally true.

Creativity is a skill. It’s one that can be learned and it’s something that’s worth learning. The world our children are growing into isn’t going to have as much demand for manual labor as the one we know. They’re growing into a world where creativity is king.

You can’t start too soon. Kids start developing their personalities as soon as they are conceived, so developing creativity isn’t something you have to put off until they’re older. It’s something to foster as soon as your child is born.

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10 Horrifying Recent Terrorist Attacks The News Barely Mentioned


Our hearts ache every time the peace and tranquility of our daily lives are shattered by extremist Islamic terrorists. When an atrocity hits London, Paris, or New York, the world listens. We band together, we cry together, and we unite in a promise to try to keep terror from ever again rearing its head in our backyards.

But these tragedies happen even more often than we realize. The horrors we suffer are only a shadow of what life is like in other parts of the world. In countries where Islamic militants live next door, terror is not just an unexpected interruption of peace—it is a threat that looms every day.

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