10 Facts That Conclusively Prove The Holocaust Really Happened


It’s terrifying to think that there are still people out there in the world who refuse to believe that the Holocaust was real. In the face of so much evidence, it takes an incredible combination of hatred and will to convince yourself that the deaths of at least six million people were faked.

Despite what a small fringe believes, though, the Holocaust really happened—and we can prove it. Even discounting the stories of the million Jewish survivors who witnessed it firsthand, there is a wealth of physical evidence that the Holocaust happened just the way history records—and that the details were not exaggerated.

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10 Deeply Troubling Facts About American Colleges


Each year in America, two-thirds of the graduating high school class enrolls in a post-secondary school. They sign up for the education that they believe will earn them a better a future.

In theory, it should. The harsh reality, though, is that these students are entering one of the most expensive higher education systems in the world. The majority of them will not be able to afford it. Many will leave with crippling debts, and even more will be unable to pay their way to the end.

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What To Expect From Your Child’s Kindergarten Screening


Odds are, your child is going to have to take a test before going into Kindergarten. These days, public schools around the world require them. In the United States, they’re usually mandatory. Twenty-six states require kindergarten screeners, and others have plans to make them soon.

It’s hard not to get nervous before your child’s first standardized test, so it might be good to know that failing one of these things isn’t the end of the world. There was a time when kids who couldn’t pass kindergarten screeners would be held back, but they’re not so cruel anymore. Today, they’re only used to help teachers know which children need extra help and to make sure they get it.

Still, it’s worth getting ready. A screener is more than just a test – it’s a list of everything the school expects your child to be able to do. It’s a good idea to know what your child is expected to know before they start school.

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How To Talk About Financial Troubles With Your Family


When you were in college and blew your cash on a ticket to Amsterdam, eating a few ramen noodles and spending a month on your friend’s couch it wasn’t a big deal. But now you have a family. And if you find yourself with dwindling savings —  either because you’re unemployed or fell victim to some Nicholas Cage-ian investment  — everybody gets stressed-out. Well, everyone except the bank.

Dr. Mary Alvord, Director of Alvord, Baker & Associates, adjunct Associate Professor Of Psychiatry And Behavioral Science at The George Washington University School Of Medicine, and nationally recognized stress management expert, has a few tips to keep this lean time from becoming big fat problems. First step: Be transparent as possible with the fam. Second step: Put down the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and hide the remote.

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10 Tragedies That Destroyed The Canadian Inuit Way Of Life


Life for the Inuit, the natives of Canada’s Arctic, has never been easy. They have built up their lives in a frozen part of the world where permafrost keeps most life from growing from under the earth.

Things didn’t get any better when they made contact with the outside world. From the moment they first met the Europeans, the Inuit have gone through tragedy after tragedy. They have been taken from their homes. Their culture has been crushed, and countless lives have been ruined—all in ways that still affect them today.

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10 Insane Sequels That Were Almost Released


Hollywood loves sequels. They’re just profitable enough that you don’t have to worry if they’re good or not. Seven of the top 10 movies over the last few years were sequels—they’re pretty well all we get now.

Sometimes, it seems like there isn’t a sequel idea they won’t greenlight—but there are a few. For all the sequels out there, there are some so crazy that they didn’t get made. That doesn’t mean we didn’t get pretty close to having every one of these, though.

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10 Serial Killers On Why They Did It, In Their Own Words


There’s something perversely fascinating about killers. People pay attention when they hear stories about monsters ruining lives. We want to know more. We want to understand it and to wrap our minds around it.

It might be impossible to truly understand why serial killers do what they do. Some, though, have tried to explain it, and have given a little insight into what it’s like inside the mind of a killer.

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