Those “Homework is Useless” Articles Are Lying to You


There’s something strange happening right now. There’s a movement afoot, and it’s getting stronger and louder every second.

Take, for example, this letter from a teacher that recently made its way around the internet. “Research has been unable to prove that homework improves student performance,” it reads, and promises, “There will be no formally assigned homework this year.”

It’s hardly the only one like it. Articles like it have been filling the internet lately, claiming that “homework offers no academic advantage” or calling on schools to “ban homework.” Even the people at Scholastic have written up an article called “Down With Homework!”

It’s catching on with parents, too. Some parents are writing articles saying that they won’t make their kids do homework in elementary school, others saying they won’t make them do any for as long as they live. And even Time Magazine is chiming in and telling parents that they “should not make kids do homework.

This is an incredible, passionate revolution of parents, seemingly more motivated to change their children’s lives than I’ve ever seen before.

It’s also completely insane.

It’s great that parents are fired up over something, but we all need to take a second and calm down and think about what we’re saying.

Homework obviously offers an academic advantage. Your kids should be doing their homework. And you should be encouraging your children to do their homework.

If we don’t take a moment and re-evaluate, we’re going to ruin an entire generation. Because here’s the thing about all of these articles:

They’re lying to you.

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10 Famous People With Unbelievable Stories From World War II


World War II affected every person who lived through it. Hundreds of stories from that time have become part of our history, but there are millions more that have gone untold.

Even some famous names you know for something completely different had incredible experiences during the war. Most of their war stories get overshadowed by their more famous accomplishments, but these stories are so incredible that they deserve to be heard.

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10 Humbling Lives of the Last Heirs to Great Empires


Great and powerful families have ruled over countless lives since the first civilization was born. There are empires that have stretched across continents and held power over billions of people.

Over the last 100 years, though, almost all of those empires fell. Revolutions around the world have cast out the people who once held that power, stripped them of their wealth, and left them to fend for themselves. Today, heirs to those empires live in ways that are incredibly humbling—and a little bit strange.

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10 Ancient Writings That Reveal Common Lives From Centuries Ago


The writings of great men like Plato and Marcus Aurelius are studied today with the same fervor and admiration they enjoyed thousands of years ago. However, we often overlook the poor folk who lived ordinary lives and dealt with ordinary problems. Etchings from some of these men have survived thousands of years and give us extraordinary glimpses into everyday life in ancient empires.

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10 Extremely Surprising Facts About Babies


Nothing seems more fragile and helpless than your newborn child, held in your arms for the first time. It turns out, though, that newborns are actually incredibly durable and capable little things in some ways. Your newborn child can do things that you can only dream of. But we only discovered this through some scientific experiments that are completely insane—and that you shouldn’t try on your own baby.

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10 Insane Ways Spartan Boys Were Made Into Warriors


The Spartan army was the toughest in the world. Every Spartan man was enlisted, and they were feared around the world. Sparta did away with city walls, believing its men strong enough to make walls useless. It was the only country that Alexander the Great saw and left unconquered—and he never even had the courage to march his men into their land.

Spartan men were warriors because Spartan boys suffered through some absolutely incredible experiences. A child raised in Sparta wasn’t raised by his mother. He was raised by the state, and he was put through an education unlike any other in history.

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Abraham Lincoln Wrote A Murder Mystery – And It’s Actually Pretty Good


Before he became the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln dabbled in another career: writing mysteries. In the 1840s, Lincoln was working a day job as a lawyer, but at night he entertained wilder dreams.

Lincoln was reportedly a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe. He devoured every one of Poe’s works, taking a special interest in his mysteries, and he soon found himself wondering if the strange stories he”d gathered in the courtroom were interesting enough to sell.

In 1846, Lincoln gave writing a shot. He sat down and sketched up a fictionalized version of a real court case he’d taken part in, sent it in, and got it published in his local paper, “The Quincy Whig”. Lincoln’s little mystery didn’t make a splash and he never became a famous author – but he did get one little story published.

And it’s actually pretty good.

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