Why Is My Child So Angry?


“I just wish I wasn’t so angry all the time!”

It was the type of self-reflection you’d expect to hear from a middle-aged man after his third or fourth divorce, but there it was coming from my four-year-old son. His face was down on his bed, his little fists clenched so tightly they’d turned red.

He’d just gotten in trouble for throwing a toy, and been told to go to his room. He’d struggled with the command. We could see the battle inside his mind playing out on his face – on one side, the desire to be a good boy; on the other, a furious sense that all of this was horribly unfair. In the end just he let out an animal scream, threw himself into the ground and broke down, punching and kicking the floor.

Now he was in his room – dragged there – and was stewing in his own fury, staring for the first time as the complexity of his soul and the nature of the beast within.

The question he’d asked was one my wife and I had asked ourselves more than once before, when his emotions overpowered his sensitivity and he burst into these fiery rages. Why was he so angry all the time? Was it our fault? Was it normal? Was it controllable? Or did we have a future serial killer under our roof, building up a fury that would one day explode?

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10 Tragic Facts About Hitler’s Wife


On April 30, 1945, hidden in an underground bunker and waiting for the armies of the Soviet Union to fall upon them, Adolf Hitler took his own life—and, alongside of him, that of his new wife, Eva Braun.

Eva Braun usually gets nothing more than a passing mention treating her as little more than a mistress who happened to present at Hitler’s death. She has even been famously written off as a “great disappointment to historians“—as someone with no real importance to the history of the world.

Regardless of her impact on politics, however, her story is fascinating. She was a woman who was truly and completely in love with the fascist leader of Nazi Germany and who suffered for that love over and over again. The story of Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler is a love story every bit as heartbreaking as a Shakespearean tragedy. It just happens to be one that involves the most evil man who ever lived.

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How to Potty Train Without Ever Buying a Single Diaper


Our son was barely two years old when we enrolled him in a daycare in China. We were two western parents raising a child abroad, and we liked to believe we were doing a pretty good job at it. We took pride in the belief that our boy was ahead of the curve.

But when he showed up with a diaper under his pants, the teachers reacted like we’d brought him in covered in bruises.

“No good,” the head of the daycare said with tsk and a disappointed shake of her head. “We will fix this.”

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6 Ways North & South Korea Are Fighting Like Petty Roommates


The Korean War differs from most historical wars in that it never actually ended. Oh, sure, the Koreas stopped exploding each other by the millions once Ike finally got fed up and brandished his considerable nukes at them, but the armistice that established the DMZ and “ended” the war was intended as a temporary measure until a peace treaty could be established.

Now, more than 60 years later, said peace treaty is still about as likely to happen as the final volume of George R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire. That’s a long time for North and South Korea to think up less deadly but far more insane ways to mess with one another, such as …

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10 Ancient Recipes You Can Try Today


Food has evolved a lot. It’s easy to take the complexity of the recipes and technology we enjoy today for granted—but it wasn’t always this way. There was a time when things weren’t so sophisticated and took quite a lot longer.

If you’ve ever wondered what food tasted like back then, you’re in luck. We have the answer. We’ve managed to preserve and recover recipes from the time of Richard II all the way back to the Sumerian empire, and you can still try them today.

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Cara Delevingne’s Nude Anti-Poaching Campaign To Help Sexy Animals, We Think?


Headline contributor.

On Wednesday, Marie Claire exclusively unveiled a series of photos from Cara Delevingne and French artist Arno Elias’ new “I Am Not A Trophy” campaign, which features the model-actress fully nude with images of exotic animals projected onto her body. The scintillating global initiative is meant to bring awareness to the harmful practice of poaching and … help save sexy animals? Or something?

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Celebrity Birthdays: May 28


As per her contract with Motown Records, we are legally required to send all birthday wishes intended for Gladys Knight to Berry Gordy.

Berry Gordy’s Gladys Knight is 72!

Through protest songs like “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?” and “Who’ll Stop The Rain,” he has dedicated his life to fighting a natural phenomenon he does not fully understand.

John Fogerty is 71!

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