10 Terrible Stories by Famous Authors


Every now and then, authors become worn down by writing the novels that made them famous and take a step back to write something about which they’re truly passionate. A literary writer may dabble in fantasy or vice versa. But occasionally, it’s more than just switching genres. Sometimes, the author writes something completely insane.

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10 Ways Scientists Are Working To Make You Lazy


Since the first man stepped out of his cave and into the sunlight, we’ve striven to never again repeat that horrible experience.

Through the millennia, we’ve tried many ways to avoid the terrors of going outside or having to slightly move our muscles. The Egyptians tried using slave labor, but alas, the slaves complained and ran away. The Europeans brought us the Industrial Revolution, but still, we were forced to sit at machines and flip a bunch of switches.

Even now, scientists are still striving toward this goal. We’re constantly coming up with new innovations, all in the hopes of eliminating the need to use our arms to pick things up . . . and we’re getting closer every day.

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7 Ways Police Can Brainwash You Into A False Confession


Police interrogation, largely based on the Reid technique, is expressly designed to elicit a confession from a suspect — facts and evidence be damned. Right about now you’re probably shouting, “Those coppers’ll never get a false confession outta me, see!” But let’s hope you never make it out of the 1920s and have to find out just how wrong you are. Because you’ll confess all right, and here’s how they’ll make you do it …

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Why “The Grinch” Is Much Darker Than You Ever Realized


As is told in the ancient Roman text How The Grinch Stole Christmas!, every Christmas, the Whos down in Whoville stand hand-in-hand and sing carols. Nothing can stop their impenetrable Christmas spirit. Even when The Grinch steals Christmas, they still stand out in Whoville Square without any presents at all, singing as loud as they can.

But they’re not singing because they love Christmas. They’re singing because they’re terrified that they’re all going to be slaughtered. Because that’s what How The Grinch Stole Christmas! is really about: a community of traumatized people who live in constant fear of genocide.

You might’ve missed that part when you were four years old. And even more surprising is that it’s not The Grinch who is threatening them. It’s far crazier than that …

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The Art of Potty Training: In Defense of Slitted Pants


Expat parents often feel shocked and upset when they see a Chinese child dressed in slitted pants, however, Mark Oliver investigated this “absurd” way of  Chinese potty training and found it quite useful.

Most expats probably aren’t about to go out and cut a hole in their children’s pants, but it’s still worth looking at the Chinese system closely enough to learn from it. Quite simply, Chinese potty training works.

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10 Songs That Mean Something Shockingly Different From What You Thought


When you listen to a song on the radio, it’s easy to think that you know just how the singer felt when he or she wrote the lyrics. But there’s a good chance that you’re wrong because most modern songs aren’t written by the people who sing them. So the experiences that shape these songs aren’t necessarily what you’d expect.

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10 Sci-Fi Dystopias That Are Everyday Realities Today


Ray Bradbury once said, “I wasn’t trying to predict the future. I was trying to prevent it.” Really, that’s the whole point of science fiction. The genre has never been about predicting new technologies. Instead, its purpose is to warn us about the dark future to come, if we don’t change our path.

Occasionally, we listen and learn, and then society improves. But other times, we don’t. And while the present day seems quite ordinary to us, the reality is that our modern era was once a horrible, terrifying nightmare that sci-fi writers desperately tried to stop.

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