The Evolutionary Reason Babies Are Born So Helpless


The first few months with a newborn baby are terrifying — we’re a horribly designed species. Our babies are born with soft spots on their heads, necks so fragile that they can die if they aren’t supported, and tiny fingers that can’t even use Snapchat. Evolution was kinder to other animals. Reptiles, for example, don’t even need to take care of their babies. When a lizard gives birth, it expects its one-day-old child to go out on its own, fend for itself, and stop coming to it with every little problem. Their babies can already walk and hunt. Ours can’t even see.

How did we, as a species, ever survive? University of Rochester professors Celeste Kidd and Steve Piantadosi who just published a new theory in the Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences about why babies aren’t born to run: It makes for smarter parents. Good news! But, the most fascinating part of their theory is the one they cut out of their research paper. (Hint: It would make for an excellent Netflix series.)

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One thought on “The Evolutionary Reason Babies Are Born So Helpless”

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