The Apollo 11 Mission Through The Eyes Of The Astronauts And Their Families


The Apollo 11 moon landing was a moment of pride and excitement for the U.S. and the world — but for three women, it was also likely the most agonizing and terrifying eight days of their lives. Jan Armstrong, Joan Aldrin, and Pat Collins could do nothing but sit, watch, wait and pray while their husbands risked their lives to become the first humans on the moon.

It’s a part of the story that rarely gets told. We’ve all heard the moon landing as a story of heroism and human accomplishment — but for the people who loved the men onboard Apollo 11, it was something else altogether. The men they’d dedicated their lives to were on the verge of earning their eternal place in history — or of being wiped out in the dark chasm of space.

[Read the full article at All That Is Interesting.]

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