We Used This Chinese Method to Potty Train Our Son In a Week


When my son was 2-years-old, we lived in China and enrolled him in a local daycare. He was still in diapers ⏤ because, well, he was 2-years-old and that’s how toddlers are supposed to be ⏤ but to the women at the daycare, we were barbarians.

In her mind, even the kids who were too young to talk could tug on a woman’s dress to let her know they had to go potty. And here we were, strolling in with some poor kid who hadn’t been potty trained and was still waddling around in his own soiled pants.

“No good,” the manager told us. “We will fix this.”

And she did. In one week.

[Read the full article at Fatherly.]

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