10 Details That Make History’s Worst Tragedies Even Worse


We like to imagine that we learn from our tragedies—that when the worst moment comes, people change their ways and start working together to make things right.

But sometimes, even after the catastrophe is over, the tragedy continues. People get swept up in the havoc and chaos of the moment and do things that make history’s worst moments even worse. And in the aftermath, some of our darkest moments are left with details too bleak to make it into the history books.

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10 Unbelievably Bizarre Facts About The Animals of Ancient Egypt


Egypt was one of the first great civilizations on earth. They lived at the dawn of history, in a time that was very different from the world we live in today.

One of those differences was their gods. The Egyptian gods had the heads of animals. That might seem like a tiny detail, but it changed the way the lived in more ways than you might imagine. In homage to their gods, the Egyptians treated animals with a reverence that we don’t share—and that led to some truly bizarre moments that history usually leaves out.

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10 Stories From Japan On The Day They Surrendered


On August 15, 1945, Emperor Hirohito announced Japan’s surrender to the Allies. The Second World War was at an end.

For the millions who heard his voice, this was a profound moment. For some, it was a relief after a long, painful war. For others, it was a betrayal. Some refused to believe it. Some refused to accept it. And some feared what would happen next.

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Why Do Kids Like The Bad Guys?


Our precious little boy pointed a stick at his mother, pretending to jab it into her stomach. “I’m Captain Hook!” he yelled. “I’m a bad pirate! I’m going to kill you!”

Not exactly the type of fantasy we wanted to encourage. It was great that he had an active imagination, but we couldn’t help but think there were better things for a little boy to dream of than matricide. Couldn’t he, we asked, play like he was Peter Pan instead?

“No!” he said. “I’m mean! I like to steal!”

It’s disturbing seeing your little angel fantasize about being a supervillain – but it’s a lot more common than you might realize. Our boy, in particular, gets behind the villain every time. He wanted Jafar to beat Aladdin. He cheered for Dr. Claw on Inspector Gadget. I mean, this is the boy who, when we watched “The Prince of Egypt”, actively rooted for slavery.

Why does this happen? Just a couple years ago, my son dreamed of being Daniel Tiger and helping mom clean up. When did my innocent boy start wanting to be a bad guy?

According to psychologists, it’s not that uncommon. As troubling as all this feels, this isn’t an early warning sign of a future serial killer, and it doesn’t mean your child has been corrupted. A lot of children – especially boys – root for the bad guys.

It’s actually serving a purpose.

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10 True Horror Stories Of People Trapped In Caves


Few things are more dangerous than exploring caves. For the men and women who travel into the depths of the Earth, the risks are incredible. As they squeeze through narrow pathways, climb down steep chasms, and dive into freezing subterranean waters, they play a dangerous game with their lives.

On a good day, these people are rewarded with incredible sights most will never see. On a bad one, though, the punishments are severe. In the pitch dark beneath the surface of the world, some have become lost and trapped. They’ve found themselves stuck in dark, claustrophobic spaces, making a desperate bid for survival in a real-life horror story.

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10 Classic Films That Nearly Starred The Last Actor You’d Expect


Casting choices can affect a movie more than we realize. We have ideas about the actors in Hollywood that affect how we see them, and we read certain things into their demeanors. The little differences in how we see every performer can completely change the experience of seeing a film.

If some studio executives had gotten their way, some of your favorite characters would have been played by the last person you’d expect, and some classic movies would have been very, very different.

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10 Great National Heroes Of Our Enemies


History rarely tells two sides of a story. We hear about our victories and the brave men and women who won them, but the heroes of the other side are usually scraped off and forgotten.

There were good and decent people among our nations’ enemies. Their leaders have may have committed atrocities, but these people led lives of courage of decency and left behind stories of true heroism—stories that history erased because they fought for the wrong side.

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